Cover Group of farmers under
Well-organized sector as a legal entity

FPO/FPC Formation

We are actively associated with more than 1 lakh farmers. We aim to organize the complete farming group and cover them under a well-organized sector as a legal entity like Farmer Producers Organization (FPO) or Farmer Producers Company (FPC).

We Provide training to farmers’ group on roles, responsibilities, management, and also capital/ equity mobilization.


How we process?
  • Farmers’ meetings, Cluster (Group of farmers’) identifications and formation of group as FPO or FPC.
  • Registration of FPOs and Training of BODs on roles, responsibilities, management and also capital/equity mobilization.
  • Conduct basic training workshops and exposure visits for technical knowledge.
  • Assisting in input management, adoption of proper, aggregation of produce, quality management, processing & packaging, supply chain development and marketing and market linkages.
  • Review and monitoring of the field team during implementation as per desired outcomes.
FPO Heerglobal
What we provides?
  • Supply quality production inputs like seed, fertilizer, pesticides and such other inputs at reasonably lower wholesale rates
  • Make available need based production and post-production machinery, equipment packing and also farm level processing facilities. 
  • Undertake aggregation of smaller lots of farmer-members’ produce; add value to make them more marketable.
  • Facilitate market information about the produce for judicious decision in production and marketing.
  • Market the aggregated produce with better negotiation strength to the buyers and in the marketing channels offering better and remunerative prices.