Organic Certificate
National NPOP & Inter-national NOP Standards
Certification for Farmland, Food Processing, Trading

Organic Certification

We have been spreading awareness to the farmers to increase the prevalence of organic farming. We National NPOP & Inter-national NOP Standards organic certification solution for individual farmer, FPO/FPC, ICS, Food Processing, Trading and Exporter. 

We are working below different certification agencies in India.

  • GOPCA Agency.
  • Control union,
  • S G S,
  • RSOCA Agency,
  • Eco Cert,
  • OneCert, etc.
We Promotes Natural Farming

Organic certification for ICS

ICS is an Internal Cluster System, a cluster/group in which at least 25 farmers and a maximum of 500 farmers form a cluster do organic farming together, reduce the cost of farming and a large production can be easily obtained from any single group or cluster with complete traceability for traders, large groups and industry.

The procedure for organic certification and hand holding are as follows:

  • Farm visit, prepare documentation & registration process
  • Farmers’ training according to crops they are planting per season and how to overcome the problems in organic farming.

  • Arrange farmers’ visit to diff. Agri-universities and understand latest technologies, methods, and market research.

  • Crop survey and inspections per season by taking samples of soil, water, fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs for the quality & purity testing of land and produce.

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