Protected Cultivation
Hi-tech Farming with
Nethouse, Polyhuose or Greenhouse structure

Protected Cultivation

Protected cultivation is an innovative farming approach that involves either naturally ventilated or customized temperature-controlled structures, designed to suit regional weather patterns and the specific needs of cultivated plants. Primarily utilized for vegetables and floriculture, these protected structures create a controlled environment that shields crops from unpredictable climate fluctuations.

This technology grants farmers precise control over crucial factors such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, disease prevention, fertigation, and irrigation, catering to the unique requirements of each crop. Consequently, the practice empowers farmers to enhance profits and achieve a year-round harvest.

Protected Farming Structure & Types

There are different types of structures according to weather conditions at different geo-locations and crop selections

Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

Climate Controlled Polyhouse

Dome Shade Net House

Flat Shade Net House

Wire Rope Net House

Hybrid Poly Net House

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Crop Selling Platforms & Marketing Support

While the initial setup cost of protected farming may be high, its long-term profitability becomes evident through sustained production achieved by strategic crop selection, meticulous land preparation, and adept technical knowledge in managing the setup. A well-functioning protected farming operation requires a proficient team dedicated to its maintenance.

To assist farmers in this endeavor, our comprehensive services includes a agronomy services,  structure maintenance and replacement of materials as needed. Additionally, we provide technical supervision to ensure the smooth functioning of your setup.

We support your entire project, from seed sowing to selling crop in market with processing, branding, packaging and digital marketing solutions.

Heerglobal Agritech Collaborations stands out as a leading setup & installation service provider of protected agricultural structures, like Shade Net Houses, Climate-Controlled Poly Houses, Naturally Ventilated Poly Houses, and Low-cost Wire Rope Net Houses, Tunnel Poly Houses, and more.

A common farmer is not tech-savvy and protected farming on the other hand is a highly technical subject, so we stay with the farmer for 5 years by extending the registered contract and providing them with an assured income.

Agronomy Consultancy Services