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Growing Together: Importance of Farmers Producer Companies

India’s agricultural sector has always played a vital role in the country’s economy, providing employment to millions and contributing significantly to its GDP. However, despite its importance, Indian farmers have long faced numerous challenges, including low income, lack of access to modern technology, and difficulties in marketing their produce.

To address these issues, the concept of Farmers Producer Companies (FPCs), also known as Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs), emerged as a transformative solution. In this article, we will explore the benefits of FPCs and the process of setting up such a company, aiming to assist the Indian farming community in growing together and prospering.

Let’s explore how FPCs/FPOs can empower us and help us grow together.


What is Farmers Producer Companies (FPCs)

FPCs or FPOs are formed under the Companies Act and function as legal entity registered companies. It is a voluntary organization controlled by their group of farmers who actively participate in setting their policies and making decisions and provide support to small farmers with end-to-end services.

The primary objective of Farmers Producer Companies is to empower farmers by organizing them into a collective and structured business entity. These companies are owned and operated by farmers themselves, which means that the farmers become shareholders and actively participate in the decision-making process.


Advantages of Farmers Producer Companies/Organization

Collective Bargaining Power

By formation of FPC or FPO farmers gain more bargaining power. Instead of selling or purchasing individually, farmers can purchasing agriculture inputs in bulk with better prices, same way they  can negotiate better prices when selling products collectively. By this they can get control on agriculture expenses also and ensures fairer returns for our hard work.

Access to Finance

One of the significant advantages of being part of an Farmers Producer Companies is easier access to credit and financial services. Banks and institutions are more willing to lend to an organized FPC, making it simpler for farmers to get the financial support need for investing in our farms. Government bodies also support such firms with finance and subsidy.

Market Linkages

FPCs help us establish direct connections with buyers and processors, eliminating middlemen. By selling their produce directly, they can fetch better prices and save on marketing costs. Additionally, FPCs can help us explore markets beyond their local areas, giving their products broader exposure.

Technology and Knowledge Transfer

As members of an FPC, farmers get access to training and extension services, where they can learn about modern agricultural practices and the latest technologies. This knowledge empowers farmers to improve their farming techniques, boost productivity, and become more efficient.

Economies of Scale

Small and marginal farmers often struggle to buy inputs in bulk due to limited resources. However, when farmers unite under an Farmers Producer Companies, they can collectively purchase seeds, fertilizers, and equipment, taking advantage of economies of scale. This reduces costs and makes farming more profitable.

Risk Mitigation

Farming is susceptible to various risks such as weather uncertainties and price fluctuations. Through FPCs, farmers can implement risk management strategies like crop insurance and diversification. This provides a safety net during difficult times and protects our livelihoods.

Government Support

The Indian government actively encourages the formation of Farmers Producer Companies and offers various incentives and support schemes. By being part of an Farmers Producer Organizations, farmers become eligible for financial assistance, infrastructure development, and capacity-building programs, which further strengthens our position.

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Process of Setting up a Farmers Producer Company

The process of setting up an FPC involves several simple steps:

  • Form a Core Group as a starting point, gather like-minded farmers who are interested in forming an FPC. This core group will drive the formation process.
  • Register Farmers Producer Company to make the FPC a legal entity, register it under the Companies Act, 2013, or the relevant state’s cooperative laws, depending on the type of FPC you wish to establish (producer company or organization).
  • Prepare the bylaws and memorandum that outline the objectives, rights, and responsibilities of the FPC and its members.
  • Elect representatives from among the members to form the Board of Directors. They will be responsible for managing and overseeing the FPC’s operations.
  • Contribute to Share Capital, As members, contribute to the share capital of the FPC according to its rules and regulations.
  • Ensure all necessary documentation, legal agreements, minutes of meetings, and financial records are maintained to comply with the regulations.
  • Explore government support schemes, subsidies, and financial assistance available for FPCs and apply for them to get additional help in your farming endeavors.



Farmers Producer Companies (FPCs) are a powerful tool that empowers farmers in India. By joining hands through FPCs, farmers can collectively bargain, access finance, establish market linkages, adopt modern technology, and mitigate risks. Setting up an FPC is a straightforward process that offers numerous benefits, making our farming journey more profitable and sustainable. Let’s embrace the power of FPCs and grow together towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all of us in the farming community.