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Encourage Womanpower With Dronelab through Drone Didi Yojana

Dronelab, established in 2016, stands as India’s premier Drone Solution provider, backed by funding from the Gujarat Government and supported by Gujarat Technological University. Leveraging our extensive experience, we have successfully garnered a substantial market presence in both major and niche sectors worldwide.

Connect with Dronelab and get maximum benefits of newly launched PM Drone Didi Yojana.

What is Drone Didi Yojana?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated a novel program named Drone Didi Yojana. The Union Cabinet granted approval during a meeting for equipping 15,000 women self-help groups with drones under this scheme. The primary objective is to provide women self-help groups with drones for agricultural tasks such as fertilizer spraying. Female drone pilots participating in the program will receive a monthly honorarium. The distribution of drones is slated for the years 2023-24 and 2025-26.

The main goal of PM Drone Didi Yojana is to empower farmers by offering drones for agricultural activities like fertilizing and pesticide spraying. Farmers can lease drones from self-help groups, benefitting both farmers and women in these groups. The scheme aims to incorporate advanced technology in agriculture, leading to increased income for farmers.

Under the Drone Didi scheme, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur outlined that female drone pilots would be appointed as collectors for 10 to 15 villages, each provided with a drone. A selected woman, called Drone Sakhi, will undergo 15 days of training. Female drone pilots will receive a monthly salary of ₹15,000. The training for Mahila Drone Sakhi will be conducted in two parts over 15 days.

Key features of the Drone Didi Scheme

  • Launch by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • Provision of drones to 15,000 women self-help groups
  • Offering permanent business and livelihood support to women, enabling them to earn up to ₹1 lakh annually
  • Central Government providing 80% of the drone cost or a maximum of ₹800,000 to women self-help groups
  • 15 days of training for women drone pilots
  • Monthly salary of ₹15,000 for selected female drone pilots
  • Introduction of advanced agricultural technology through the scheme

Eligibility criteria for the Drone Didi Scheme

  • Women belonging to women self-help groups
  • Only Indian women are eligible
  • Age above 18 years

Documents required for the Drone Didi Scheme

  • Self Help Group Card
  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account details
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Mobile number

Application process for the Drone Didi Scheme

The application process for the Drone Didi Scheme has not commenced yet. Interested individuals are advised to await further updates on the launch. Updates will be provided through the Telegram group and WhatsApp group, with links available below.